How To Build A Stronger Relationship With Love Languages

Picture the scene - a couple is fighting in a movie. One yells ‘‘What do you want from me?!’ and the other replies “I just want you to love me!”

Chances are you’ll have seen this conversation in a dozen different movies - but what exactly do the characters mean?

It might not seem it at first, but this is actually a very difficult question to answer. That’s because love is such a powerful, personal experience that language often struggles to truly capture what we mean when we talk about it.

Love languages help here because they transcend just spoken language. Instead, they cover five key ways in which people communicate their love – and in doing so, offer an insight into the different expectations that people have of their partners. By understanding and mastering these languages, you can move closer to building a connection that stands the test of time. 


Why Is Talking About Love So Difficult?

Talking about love is tough...

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