How Dating Apps can ruin your chance of finding your Soulmate

While you shouldn’t completely dismiss the idea of meeting your perfect match through a dating app, if you hinge all of your hopes and efforts on an app, you could ruin your chances of finding “The One”.

Dating apps are useful, but only if they are used wisely. The key is to know an app’s limitations and capacity for giving you what you really want. Because they are easy, convenient, and really good at helping you hook up, it’s easy to get stuck in an endless loop that’s really going nowhere.

How things can go wrong with dating apps

Even great inventions have their limitations. Here are some of the ways things can go wrong:

  1. Bad dating app experiences. You may encounter men who have open relationships, are cheating on their partner, are pretending to be single or who just want to hookup.
  2. Relying too much on the app. If you are constantly glued to the phone, your soulmate could walk right past you and you won’t see him.
  3. Thinking that there...
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