Flirting the Right Way Will Get You That Soulmate You Always Wanted

Flirting is an art - and mastering it can bring you a lot closer to that soulmate you’ve been dreaming of. What’s more, it’s an essential part of romance - creating an atmosphere for attraction (and even love) to blossom.

So how can you master the art of flirting?

Of course, it’s not as easy as all that - flirting means putting yourself out there, and it’s very normal to feel shy, or panic that your crush will reject your attempt and turn you down. However, if you pick your time and place, and follow a few simple guidelines, flirting can be a very effective way of bringing you and the object of your affection closer together.

It doesn’t stop there, either - all healthy relationships, including long-term commitments, benefit from flirting to better sustain romance and passion. So here are a few pointers that’ll help you to find (and keep!) your dream man.

What is Flirting?

Flirting is a behavior that almost everyone indulges in from time to time. It can either be a casual, playful way of interacting with people you’re attracted to or a more meaningful way to connect and keep the spark alive.

Flirting involves using body language and verbal communication to not only express sexual and romantic interest but also to incite that kind of interest in another person in return.

Usually, people flirt by speaking and behaving in a way that shows greater intimacy.  However, not every gay man realizes that they need to flirt to catch a guy’s attention - which is why it’s important to be comfortable with making the first move!   

How to Flirt

Whatever you do to flirt with the guy you’ve fallen for, remember that your goal is to let him know that you’re interested - and to find out whether that interest is shared. Luckily, there are lots of ways to do it - here are a few of the classics.

Use Your Voice

An accent isn’t the only thing that makes a voice sexy. Pay attention to how you use volume, pace, tone, pitch and melody as well, as the right approach can get your crush hot and bothered in seconds!

Adjusting the volume of your voice is a great way to quickly build intimacy. Shouting isn’t generally romantic, so keep things quiet - sometimes a low whisper in the ear can say more than a whole conversation. 

Keeping your voice low-pitched is also a good way to show interest and is a turn on for lots of guys. No matter how you sound, though, remember that intimacy is key. The sound of fast-paced breath and your closeness might just send chills down his spine.

Make Eye Contact 

Eye contact is one of the oldest tricks in the flirting book, but it’s still highly effective. Look him directly in the eye to let him know he’s all you’re thinking about - but remember to keep things natural, as staring for too long can start to feel intense rather than romantic! Gently look elsewhere after locking eyes with him, then look back to see if he reconnects. A soft smile will help to communicate your intentions as well.

Make it Physical

If you’re getting positive signals back from your crush, a magic touch on the back or arm is a powerful way to build tension. Start with using your fingers on their hands and arms, and always be aware of how they respond. If he’s pulling away or showing no signs of interest, it’s probably time to take a step back. However, there are lots of positive signs to look out for too. Is he mirroring your movements? Is his body tilted towards you, showing an open sign of interest? Smiles, light touches, and laughter—all of these are cues for you to move in just a little closer to set the mood!

Who Should You Flirt With?

It really doesn’t matter who you flirt with, so long as you respect that they might not be interested and know when to take a step back. However, if you approach the situation being fun and playful, there’s plenty of potentials to make something happen. Never think twice before giving that mischievous smile to your crush —you never know, it just might be the move that’ll touch their heart.

Wrap Up

Flirting communicates romantic interest in multiple different ways and, whether you’re asking questions, giving compliments, or using light physical contact, it can go a long way towards letting a guy know you’re into him and are willing to know more.

Wanna try it? Next time you visit a gay bar, make eye contact with the fella you’re interested in and smile. Introduce yourself, ask him questions, and if it’s going well, buy him a drink a move a little closer. Who knows where the night will end? 


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