Are You Ready to Find Your Gay Husband?

I am going to give you a gift, from my heart, from a loving place, that is the greatest thing that I can offer you, and that is one-on-one time with me so that we can literally take that leap of faith, take that leap of love, and make sure you are lonely no more.

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Mike R.

"My name is Mike. Before I met Scott, I had doubts about finding a man to share my life with, and  find true love.   Scott helped me to identify and learn from past relationship mistakes, overcome fear, better know myself, determine my attachment style,  and identify what type of man that I'm looking for.

Now, with Scott's help, and relationship course, I'm dating  a wonderful man, who has the same relationship goals that I do.  I'm truly grateful for giving me the tools to be where I am today."

A Few Of My Success Stories...

Billy N.

"Scott mentored me to develop my own unique way of building lasting friendships and ultimately a long-lasting relationship. Scott’s guidance has provided me invaluable life skills that has steered me on the course to happiness"

Dennis B.

"Scott helped me to put the dynamic in our relationship in perspectives, and to understand better how to operate as a couple"

Jeffery B.

"Scott helped me see the bigger picture and allowed me to understand some of my expectations were normal.  He also helped me to understand what I want, what I need and what I can have are not always the same and this reality check helped me separate fantasy from reality"


Why I Want to Help You?

I’ve been called "go-to guy for getting relationship results". But when I first came out of the closet, I was clueless about relationships! I didn't have a lot of strong gay relationship role models to turn to. And without examples of happy, stable, gay relationships, I didn't know right from wrong. Good from bad. Healthy from unhealthy. And then one day it struck me: my mission in life is to help other gay men find true love. So, I wrote a book: Lonely No More: 8 Steps to Find Your Gay Husband. That’s right: I literally wrote the book on gay relationships!

But more importantly, I've been where you are. I understand the loneliness and frustration you’re feeling right now. And I have an arsenal of skills and experience to help you change your behaviors and write a new life story: one that includes a beautiful romance between you and the man of your dreams.

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Analysis past relationships history to determine where currently beliefs and perspectives came from and how they impact your relationship success.

Pinpoint your weakness and negative behavior patterns that are holding you back from taking effective actions to find, attract and sustain a meaningful relationship and qualities that amplify your strength. 

Determine your ideal type of relationship and who you need to become to find the dream man who wants to be with you.  

Who is Scott Tsui?

✓ A trained & experienced relationship transformation coach for gay men.

✓ Author of 'Lonely No More - 8 Steps to Find You Gay Husband, an Amazon bestseller. 

✓ Dating & Relationship columnist for San Francisco Bay Times. 

✓ Interviewed live on TV at David Perry's "10 Percent" and LGBT Program "We Are Family" in Hong Kong

✓ Facilitated multiple workshops on relationship & mindset building for the LGBT community.

✓ Founder of Gay Men Relationship Blueprint, a successful online course & community. 

✓ A graduate of Tony Robbin's Mastery University & Somatica Institute.


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