Are You Ready to Find Your Gay Husband?

Can you image a life where you've got a wonderful partner? 

When you look forward to go home every day and spend time together or maybe even go out for a romantic dinner date?

And, plan vacations across the world so you both can make new memories?

Hundreds of men have used the techniques in this book to find their gay husband, a man made by god only for them. 

This is my Amazon Bestseller. 


For most gay men, the first hurdle to a relationship is to find clarity about what they want and why they want it, because so many of us grew up lost. No-one gave us any direction. Everything was trial and error. But with Lonely No More, you'll have a strategy to skip all that trial and error and get right to the good stuff.

Loneliness is an epidemic among single gay men. Even when surrounded by friends, even when we’ve made our own family, being gay can feel very isolating. Many gay men long to find their life companions, but in the face of major challenges, that dream can seem far too remote. How are you supposed to meet someone and make a real connection when it feels like everyone’s just looking for a hook-up?

You don't have to be lonely. You don't have to spend all your time scrolling through online dating sites. There are great men out there who want to build a happy, loving relationship with someone just like you. Lonely No More will show you how to find them.

Lonely No More shows you how to find your perfect partner by creating the best, most attractive, version of yourself: a man who knows what he wants from a relationship, who can be honest about his feelings, and who is willing to push outside his comfort zone in the name of finding his perfect husband.

This book will show you how to:

Let go of old patterns of behavior and embrace change.

Define who you are, what you value, and what you’re looking for in a partner.

Build a strong emotional support system and use it.

Learn new skills.

Think about the conversations you’re having and the questions you should be asking. Be proactive, not passive.

Nurture a long-lasting relationship. There will be challenges and compromises. But it’s also rewarding.

Enjoy it.

Lonely No More - 8 Steps to Find Your Gay Husband

Scott Tsui has developed a simple, proven eight-step approach that any gay man can follow to find the love of their lives.

Chapter List

The first step is openness. Take a deep breath and imagine a new plan to assist you to move forward. Get ready to embrace change in the knowledge that previous dating and relationship approaches have been unsuccessful, and a new approach is needed. This chapter will teach you how to empower yourself with restructured relationship beliefs, to evaluate your failed dating and relationship approaches, and strategically adapt them to become opportunities. 

Define who you are and make the changes required to attract the person you want. Leave your baggage behind. The time has come to reinvent yourself! This chapter teaches the importance of resolving personal issues before sharing your life with another man, and how to avoid potential hazards in future relationships.

Life changes and so do we. Re-prioritize your wants and needs based on your present self. Get real! You are a different man to three, five or ten years ago. Life has adapted your physical, emotional, spiritual and financial needs. The time has come to abolish old wants and re-prioritize your desires. This chapter clarifies what’s most important to you right now.

Gain emotional muscle through support structures! Seek out those who understand you and can best advise you to grow and thrive. Be prepared. Let’s face it, many gay men lack a dependable support system when we find ourselves discouraged, frustrated, or disappointed. This chapter will teach you how to find and build a support system complete with genuinely caring cheerleaders.

Distance matters. Find the ideal pool of potential husbands. Identify, aim and fire. Focus and take action! The bottom line is, finding your dream man is a number game and you only need that one man. While the 'Supply and Demand' rule also applies, this chapter will teach you where to meet the potential pool of men that will eventually lead you to ‘the one’.

Learn new skills. Think about your recent conversations and the questions you should be asking. Be proactive, not passive! First impressions are essential. Think of yourself as a precious gift. You should present your best side to attract your dream man.  This chapter offers hands-on dating skills to be your most attractive and approachable.   

Read the signs, watch for red flags and think clearly. Analyze actions more than words. Look closely! Love is not blind - infatuation is! How will you know when the right man is right in front of you? Relationship success depends largely on partner selection, so learn how to determine compatibility before investing time and emotion in the wrong guy.

Learn from the successful how best to nurture an enduring relationship, knowing that challenges and compromises are not only unavoidable but rewarding. Enjoy it! Once you find that special man which whom to share your life, you have a new beginning. This chapter teaches how to avoid becoming complacent and how to nurture an amazing and stable relationship.


Scott Tsui knows exactly what you're going through. He's been happily partnered for 16 years and had another long-term relationship before that. He's also spent over a decade coaching gay men on how to build strong, healthy, lasting relationships. In the course of his research, he interviewed hundreds of gay couples who’ve managed to find their perfect partners and create fulfilling relationships.

Through those interviews and his own experiences, Scott developed a simple, proven eight-step approach that any gay man can follow to find the love of their lives.

And, you can get that right now.


Just imagine how much better your life can be when you're Lonely No More...

...How would holidays be different if you spent them in the arms of a man who made you smile and shared your favorite hobbies? 

...How excited would you be to leave work every day, knowing that your best friend, biggest supporter, greatest confident, and hottest lover was at the other end of that commute?

Hundreds of gay men have used the techniques in this book to build healthy, sustainable, exciting and sexy relationships that they didn’t believe were possible. 



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